Reinsurance Brokerage

Madanes is a leading reinsurance broker, providing reinsurance treaty and facultative solutions for more than 35 years and our clients benefit from our deep knowledge of the reinsurance market.

Madanes professionals design together with the client the optimal reinsurance solution to its needs and risks profile. We escort our clients until the full placement of the reinsurance treaty and advise them in the negotiation with the reinsurers.

Madanes long standing professional abilities are well recognized by the world leading reinsurers which collaborate with us in various markets.


As part of Madanes holistic service, in implementing new insurance covers, we are drafting the medical underwriting protocol, proposal forms, medical questionnaires and underwriting guidelines for our customers, all in accordance with the guidelines of reinsurer. If needed, we provide underwriting servicing and conducting the insured underwriting by ourselves. Madanes also train local insurers’ underwriting teams on how to conduct underwriting for the specific insurance plans that we have developed together.

Madanes employs medical underwriters, doctors and nurses which relay on our extensive data base of more than 200,000 claims. The insights our team can draw form the vast data base enable us to be very accurate in our underwriting.

Professional Trainings

As part of our commitment towards supplying high-quality medical services, we feel obliged to share our accumulated knowledge with our partners. Madanes conducts on-demand training for its partners, in such areas as medical risk management, underwriting and claims management. We also train marketing and sales teams, helping them implement insurance plans within local markets

Medical Services

Our mission is to provide each and every one of our clients with access to high quality medical care. Madanes provides medical services in more than 20 countries, and our medical network and experience enable us to handle any medical case from start to finish. We coordinate the treatment and accompany the patient during the procedures, while organizing flights, accommodations and translation services throughout overseas treatment cases.


We design and create for insurance companies’ diverse insurance plans, using an actuarial analysis in order to accurately price the relevant risks and their costs. We cooperate and share with reinsurers our actuary in order for them to cover the risks and place the relevant cover.

Policy Drafting

Based on the insurers requests, reinsurers guidelines, and our experience we help our partners to draft their policy wording addressing the range of coverage and exclusions, risk factors, actuaries and the conditions of the reinsurance agreement.

Claims Management

Madanes is an expert in medical & medical liability claims management. Successfully managing 100,000 claims annually with accumulated experience of more than 30 years, we can say we treated almost all kinds of claim.

Our accumulated experience and knowledge allows us to manage claims to the utmost satisfaction of the insured, while strictly maintaining expenditure levels of the insurer and the reinsurer. Global reinsurers trust Madanes with managing their claims and often appoint us as the administrator of the insurance plan with authorization to settle claims on their behalf.

MCI – Medical Consultants International

MCI is a Madanes subsidiary appointed by the risk carriers to handle medical malpractice claims in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policies. MCI receives processes, investigates, evaluates, assesses, arranges for proper legal defense, settles and pays out claims. Together with MRM, MCI has handled over 170,000 claims and adverse events since its inception.

MCI operations include
  • Receiving and assessing over 3,000 new reports, claims and demands for indemnity annually

  • Deciding issues of insurance cover and allocation of claims

  • Handling demands and claims made against insureds

  • Assisting insureds in responding to complaints and letters of demand

  • Providing legal consultation and representation to insureds

  • Operating a 24-hour on-line emergency assistance

  • Ongoing legal advice in medico-legal issues

  • Conducting settlement negotiations

  • Appointing/supervising external lawyers to handle claims in court

  • Managing the Claims Forum

  • Setting and periodical updating of financial reserves (Quantum) in reported claims

  • Reporting to risk carriers and obtain approvals of settlements